Ma O Tzur Song Lyrics


Ma-o Tzur is a popular Hanukkah song that is sung in Hebrew and in English. Translated into English, "Ma-oz Tzur" means "Rock of Ages." This song is sung by children and families at Hanukkah parties during the Festival of Lights, frequently after lighting the menorah.


Ma oz Tzur Yi shu a ti

Li cha nae lisha bay ach


Ti kon bet Tifi la ti

Vishom todah ni za bay ach


Li et to chim mat bay ach

Mi tzar ham na bay ach


Az egmor bi shir miz mor

Hanukkah ha meez bay ach



Translated into English:


Rock of ages, let our song praise thy saving power;


Thou amidst the raging foe, wast our sheltering tower.


Furious they assailed us, but thine arm availed us,


and thy word broke their sword when our own strength failed us.